Soul Flowering
“Everything is soul and flowering.”
Affinity and Constancy
The lineaments of
Gratified Desire
In the Chinese classic I Ching, a book that elucidates the Truth of Heaven and Earth according the Chinese point of view, the Upper Canon contains thirty gua, From Qian and Kun to Kan and Li. Qian represents the initiative power of Heaven, Kun represents the responsive power of the Earth. Kan represents the darkness of the moon; Li represents the brightness of the sun. The Canon begins with the interplay of Heaven and Earth; ends with the ceaseless cycle of darkness to brightness, as in sunset to sunrise; and sheds light upon the yang aspect of natural of phenomena, the Tao of Heaven.
The Lower Canon contains thirty-four gua, from Xian and Heng to Ji Ji and Wei Ji. Xian and Heng represents the Mutual Influence and Long Lasting union a man and a woman. Ji Ji and Wei Ji represents the endless cycle of human affairs from Already fulfilled to Not Yet Fulfilled. This canon sheds light upon the yin aspect of natural phenomena, the Tao of Humanity. All together the sixty-four quas also formed an oracular system that its wisdom and philosophy can be drawn upon in time of need. Thus I Ching is often referred to as a living book. 
"Affinity&Constancy" is inspired by Xian and Heng; and as an ode to the coupling/art-marking relationship for all its rare beauty and unique challenge. 
Viewing a painting is a lot like consulting the I Ching, to quote Taoist Master Alfred Huang: "one looks at the situation from the point above as well as the point below, from the obverse view as well as the reverse view, from the outer as well as the inner, from the present as well as the future."
I don't seek to interpret Xian and Heng through this painting, instead i joyfully dance within their content and catching the sparks like a child collecting fireflies.
As for "The Lineaments of Gratified Desire", Marcos came up with the naming. When i declared the painting finished and ran to show it to him, he said: "This reminds me of Blake!". And i thought that indeed completed the painting.
Interestingly how i came to an art form to convey certain impressions and ran to another to say the unsay-able.   
Thank God for painting and poetry!!
Binary Star
Golden spiral diamond dust
Passing through walls made of dreams
Exchanged orbit mirroring light
Our company woven into a Binary
Let this dance throw us beyond the ends of time
Even when the furthest galaxies expire
Forget us not
It's when the heart glitters like the stars
And a deep voice reckons without sound
All seems as real as memory
The magnetic pull plays both estranged and familiar
Someone must have said:
"This life  fulfills a prophecy. No love misplaced."
Summer Winter Solstice
Equally on time as Equinox
The ensemble of heavenly bodies moves accordingly
So love is never late
This very second was once wished upon
A perfecting display